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Lexgen Design is a full service advertising agency and design studio that specializes in small business marketing and social media. Based out of Orange County with an office in Los Angeles it is poised to serve all of Southern California. We specialize in Small Business Marketing, Social Media Management, Graphic & Web Design, Business Consulting and Small Business IT Work.

The Lexgen Way

What sets us apart from other similar companies is our unparalleled commitment to professionalism and excellence. Every project we take on-- regardless of its size and scope-- will meet and exceed the core values and integrity our company was built on. Working with us you can be assured quality without compromise, prices that take into consideration our precarious economy and service as honest and straightforward as it was in our yesteryear.

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Advertising Services by Lexgen Design

Advertising is an essential component to the success of any business and if approached with creativity, care and experience you can think of your advertising not as an expense, but as an investment. We know how to maximize your advertising dollar and translate advertising efforts into bottom line profits. In Logan Diaz's previous advertising agency, iGem Productions, Logan won several awards for his exclusive B-CORE advertising concept. B-CORE breaks down the complexities of advertising into three basic fundamental components, allowing even the most novice individual to fully grasp the entire advertising process. Utilizing both traditional and modern forms of advertising we determine the best methods of reaching your desired customer base and tailor our advertising message to their specific personality types. A great advertisement is more than just a catchy phrase or attractive spokes model. It needs to be a well thought out, comprehensive investigation into reaching your desired target market and designing advertising materials that speak to them. With the myriad of consumers out there its more important now than ever to understand your audience and personalize your marketing efforts to them.

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Graphic Design services by Lexgen Design

Design is an art, but in the context of business services we must remember that art must share the stage with purpose. There are many designers out there who design as a means of artistic self expression. This can eventually lead to problems when a client wants or needs their design to convey a certain message that may not be in line with the designers vision. This can not only cause conflict between the designer and client but most certainly will negatively affect the design. When we are designing for our clients we never forget that art and purpose are the keys to a successful design. We ensure that you are receiving your moneys worth from the design by including all the relevant information necessary to educate the end customer on your product, service or business. This is not to say your design won't look great, because it most certainly will. With ten years of modern design skills your project will look indicative of the times; sleek, trendy, bold and brilliant. However, simply designing something that looks great is no guarantee your work will print as it appeared on the computer screen. Beyond designing skills we must also have great production skills, that is preparing artwork for the printing process. Modern day printing techniques, typically offset lithography, allows for the more accurate and smooth transition from computer screen to real world. Although less intensive than previous printing styles, offset lithography still requires a thorough and comprehensive understanding in order to ensure printed perfection. This includes outlining fonts, setting up bleeds, knowledge of printing materials, color separation, post-printing coating, die cutting, folds, etc. We pride ourselves on our excellence in preparing artwork for the printing process ensuring your design prints exactly as it's intended.

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b-core strategy

B-CORE Strategy

At the heart of every Lexgen campaign is our exclusive B-CORE advertising concept. The B-CORE Strategy breaks the complexities of advertising down into three basic fundamental components. These are:

B - Brand Building

CO - Communicating Your Offering

RE - Return On Investment

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lexgen design clients

Lexgen Clients

Big and small, we've done it all.

- Quiznos
- Thai Dishes
- Milano Design
- Environmental Managers
- Valleys Construction
- Entertainment Unite

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